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Zucchini Tofu Tartine


This is a delightfully quick and delicious lunch!  Seriously, it takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish and the kids LOVE it too.  The key here is not to be picky – just take out whatever vegetable you have in your fridge.  I’ve done this with eggplant, tomato, or red pepper instead of zucchini and it’s all good.  I just take a couple of slices of tofu, and sliced zucchini and throw them on to my griddle.  Spray them with olive oil and generously add turmeric and pepper to the tofu.  I use the Bragg’s Organic Sprinkle Seasoning on the vegetable slices.  While you are at it, might as well warm up the bread on the pan too.  (If your pan isn’t big enough, you can toss them in the toaster instead.


Flip, so both sides brown slightly.  Lastly, when you are ready to assemble your sandwich, you can put the cheese slice on the griddle to melt.  It takes about 10 seconds and then you can scoop it off and smear it on your bread.  Then layer with tofu, zucchini, and avocado.  Personally, I like mine open like a tartine – more vegetable to bread ratio that way.  Warning: It can be messy to eat with company!



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