Welcome, Spring!

March 21st not only welcomed in the spring season, but also a beautiful snow!  It is a delight to be able to walk out and enjoy the snow covered streets and trees.  This morning, while we didn’t make it out for our early morning hike, after a lazy breakfast with the kids we did indeed hike out.  I was pleased to see other neighbors out bundled in coats and boots and even a brave runner hitting the trails and navigating through the slush and ice.  Here are some beautiful sights from our first day of spring.


Knowing that this is likely the last white landscape we will see here this year, makes it all the more special.  Admittedly, we were hiking at a snail’s pace today – encumbered by our heavy layers and lingering to take in the beautiful gift around us.

When we got back inside, the kitchen was a flurry with snow day cooking and baking. We warmed up with a winter butternut squash lasagne and a blueberry vanilla cake.

Butternut squash and sweet potato layered with a cheese sauce!


Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting!

On days like today, we are happy to take a reprieve from working the land.  The garden and pasture can wait.


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