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The Heavenly Smell of Cilantro

If you haven’t used cilantro at home, go out and buy some!  It is a very fragrant herb that adds a punch of flavor.  A friend of mine recently shared that he doesn’t buy cilantro because it always goes bad before he gets a chance to use it all.   If that’s your excuse, you SHOULD go buy cilantro, because I will share an important tip on how to make your cilantro last.  I always store cilantro in a glass of water in the refrigerator.  Keep the little rubber band on, it just makes it easier.



It usually takes me about a week to finish the whole bunch, figuring that I use about 1/3 a bunch for each dish and use it a few times a week.  The stems are a very important part to use in your cooking, so go ahead and chop it up and add it to your onions and spices as they are cooking.

Add flavorful stems along with your onions, and add the fragrant leaves at the very end!

I use cilantro in homemade vegetable lentil soup, in potato curry, sauteed vegetables over pasta and in this delicious one-pot quinoa dish!  Also, the BEST salsa is a simple mix of red onion, tomato, lime and cilantro. Can’t get through a bag of chips without it. And fresh herbs are really good for your health; cilantro being touted for its antioxidants and other benefits.

When stored in water, cilantro will stay fresh for more than a week!  Here is a photo of how my bunch looked 6 days in.

Still fresh after one week in the fridge

As you can see, no signs of going bad!  Interestingly enough, I have heard of some people that absolutely can’t stand cilantro <GASP>  Admittedly, I thought they must be crazy.  But, what do you know, apparently there are some genetic smell receptors variants that might affect whether you like or hate cilantro.  You can read the Nature report here. Apparently, Julia Child had a great disdain for the herb, but I absolutely love it!

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