Thank you, dear daughter

I witnessed something yesterday that really brightened my day.  Sometimes the youth are many years ahead of us – their simplicity, innocence, exuberance.  Anyway, my daughter had an extremely busy day.  She’s up at 6am, out at the barn to take care of the horses, then off to an AP exam at school.  She got home from school at 2pm, and chatted with some neighbors who stopped over to meet her horse.  Then out again to meet with a local internship opportunity at 2:30.  Back at 3:30.  She got a huge bowl of blueberries and went to watch a show for a little downtime.  (We are watching Madame Secretary together – fantastic show.)  She heads out to work her 5-8pm shift at the local vet, and then home to muck stalls, feed and change the bandage on her horse, eat dinner.  By 9:30 she was in bed, so she can be rested for another AP exam the following day.

That is one FULL day.  And you know what she said to me while eating her blueberries?

With a big grin on her face, beaming, she says,”What a great life!”

I think we could all learn from her, I know I can. She was busy — but happy, not stressed out.  Tackling each task as it came and enjoying the few moments in between.  To enjoy our daily life is the biggest blessing and fortune that we can hope for!

Kudos to you, young lady, you are an inspiration!  You have grown up from the sweet little ballerina, into a vibrant, hardworking, positive, young woman.  Thank you, dear daughter, for all the lessons you have taught me!

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  • maverick

    Loved reading this! ❤️

    I have had some packed days, and it’s easy to feel tired, specially later in the day. Reading this provides me with the inspiration to approach the evening not with an attitude that I had a long day at work and I’m going to have a lazy evening, but one where I say — I’m going to take a moment to relax, and have an equally productive evening! Thank you! 🙂

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