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    Safety (Alien) Pup!

    Safety is most important. When it comes to family, and that includes our beloved pets, we want everyone to be safe.  Since we let our dog out on the homestead to use the bathroom when it is dark (especially in the winter when it gets dark at noon!! haha), I bought this reflective safety vest for her to wear.  I absolutely LOVE it!  It stays on and doesn’t hinder her running movement at all.  And it has a lot of reflective strips on it.  We got a medium and our dog is about 30 pounds and it fits well. The only problem is, when she is out back in the…

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    Muddy Me, Clean Dog

    Another beautiful morning hike, but boy was it MUDDY outside today.  Some portions of the trail were like a new and improved slip-n-slide!  But, the one thing I just don’t understand — HOW DOES SHE STAY SO CLEAN??  I mean, take a closer look at that sloppy trail… My pants and shoes have collected more mud than her little legs! Not that I’m complaining or anything, I’m super lucky.

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    Morning Walks

    I love my morning walk.  Every day, without fail, I HAVE to walk my high energy Collie dog, Pippi.  When I’m still in my pajamas and sipping my hot tea, it can be hard to get out the door….but as soon as I’m on the trails, I am so so happy to be out.  There is nothing like starting the day by walking for an hour through the woods, by the river, over the creek.  Some days it’s a silent walk, turning thoughts over in my head.  Other days, I’m running and throwing sticks for Pip, or chatting with fellow morning dog walkers.  No matter what kind of walk it…

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    Every Farm Needs a Farm Dog

    We adopted Pippi when she was 4 months old – a cute little border collie mix.  Since long hikes and lazy afternoons at the farm were part of our routine, we knew we could give her the opportunity for lots of exercise.  Border Colies require a lot of stimulation – both physical and mental, and Pippi is no exception!  Here she is at 4 months old: On her first trip out to the barn, she made friends with some very sweet Jersey cows!  Funny, that she barked like crazy at every horse she saw, but absolutely loved these cows.  It took about two more visits before she got comfortable on the…