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Simple Kale

I don’t like kale.  And I eat ALL sorts of vegetables.  So, why this disdain for kale?  I’ve tried to “make good choices” and substitute kale instead of rice at my favorite fresh bowl place –  didn’t turn out like I thought.  I could barely get through all that chewing and texture, and the kids were the ones who had to tell their mom, ‘finish your vegetables!’  Yeah, they loved that one.  But I just couldn’t.  I do like kale chips, if that helps my case.

So anyway, that’s the background story…now to present day.  My husband, who has never shopped for greens his entire life, suddenly comes home one day clearly inspired by the produce section of the grocery store.  He’s brought home a huge bunch of kale for me to cook along with endives and spring onions….hmmm okay…I’ll give it to him that he picked up vegetables that usually don’t make it into my grocery cart.

Of course I want to set a good example for my kids and I absolutely hate it when fresh vegetables go old and get wasted in my fridge.  So, I decided to make a very simple sauteed kale with garlic.


2 Tblsp Coconut oil

1/2 red onion

1 bunch of Kale

3 cloves of garlic

2 handfuls of baby spinach


It was as simple as it sounds, EXCEPT for one teeny tiny prep for the kale, and this is something that made all the difference for me!  I cut the leafy part off of the middle stem, and discarded the stem.

De-stemming my kale
Hmm…so you can see I waited until the very last moment to use this kale from the fridge. My next step will be to find a good use for the kale stems – smoothie anyone?

I know, this sounds wasteful to some of you, but this made it so much more palatable for me.  In fact, I truly enjoyed this dish, so much so that I completely changed my opinion on kale – I like kale after all!  Who knew!

First, I sliced the red onion into long thin strips and let it soften in the coconut oil.  Then, I chopped up the garlic and added them.  This step can be tricky…because I always like to cook as quickly as I can, meaning I don’t cut and prep all of my food first.  I cut and prep as I go along.  This means, I have to be careful not to let the onions or the garlic burn on the stove, while I am cutting the next item.  (I see you all nodding your heads, I know I’m not the only one!)

When you have a lovely garlic aroma and it’s golden brown – time to add in the chopped kale!  I also added a few handfuls of baby spinach leaves, (since I wasn’t so sure about kale at the time).   Cover the pan only for the first few minutes, so it can soften.  Then leave it open so any excess water can evaporate.

Stir it often, add some salt and pepper and take it off the stove once the kale has wilted and softened.   Don’t overcook!

This is how it looked when it was done.  Look at that green!

Simple, fresh and delicious.

I served this as part of a very simple meal.  It was in the 90’s all week and something light was all we wanted.  Note the endives in the salad mix!  I’m glad he got me to try something new.




A few days later at a cafeteria nonetheless, I had kale again.  This time it was over chickpea curry.

Still loved it!

I got hit by a few flavorful bites of cilantro in this kale – yum!  I’m going to add cilantro to my next version of simple kale.  You?


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