Safety (Alien) Pup!

Safety is most important. When it comes to family, and that includes our beloved pets, we want everyone to be safe.  Since we let our dog out on the homestead to use the bathroom when it is dark (especially in the winter when it gets dark at noon!! haha), I bought this reflective safety vest for her to wear.  I absolutely LOVE it!  It stays on and doesn’t hinder her running movement at all.  And it has a lot of reflective strips on it.  We got a medium and our dog is about 30 pounds and it fits well.
The only problem is, when she is out back in the pasture or woods where there is no light shining on her, she was just as invisible to us, even with her vest on.  The vest was only helpful if there was a flashlight or headlight shining towards her. (And I like to look out and spot where she is in the dark.)  So, I decided to add to her outfit with this fantastic LED, USB rechargeable collar!


Too excited to stand still for a photo today!

Well, it is sold as a collar, but it fits around our dog’s waist and slips right through a little loop at the top of her vest – so we use it like a belt!  (You can cut it at whatever length you desire…but I prefer it around her waist, especially since the vest has a loop for it.)  Now we can spot her when she is running out in the fields. or jumping over logs in the woods chasing a … coyote? Hopefully not, but whatever it is, I think it is scared of the lights on her because it just runs as she barks it off our property!  Our neighbor shared that they were watching in astonishment out their window at blue lights that went zig-zagging across our field wondering what on earth it could be!

Alien pup!

The orange vest is also valuable if you ever let your dog off leash in an area where hunting is allowed.  In my neighborhood, they control the deer population in the winter by allowing archery hunting in the woods where we walk. So, this vest is a necessity for us during those months.

Safely roaming the trails during deer management season.


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