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Every Farm Needs a Farm Dog

We adopted Pippi when she was 4 months old – a cute little border collie mix.  Since long hikes and lazy afternoons at the farm were part of our routine, we knew we could give her the opportunity for lots of exercise.  Border Colies require a lot of stimulation – both physical and mental, and Pippi is no exception!  Here she is at 4 months old:


On her first trip out to the barn, she made friends with some very sweet Jersey cows!  Funny, that she barked like crazy at every horse she saw, but absolutely loved these cows.  It took about two more visits before she got comfortable on the farm and stopped barking at all the animals.  We did have to keep her away from the mule, who threatened to attack her, and Pippi was scared of the guinea fowl, which made lots of noise and moved around in a large group. But she was a good farm dog and left the chickens alone and made her rounds on all the horses. To my great horror, she would snag a bite of horse poo as a treat every once in a while and there was nothing I could do about it since it is a horse farm and poo is just a part of life here.




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