Hi, I’m Meera!

I hope you enjoy reading this blog that follows the adventures we have on our new 7 acre homestead.  Girlnboots came about because I love tromping around outside in boots, and I have three lovely daughters who are also girls in boots!   Everything nature and being outdoors, feeds my soul and makes me feel good.  Simple things like sunrises and new blooms, bugs and leaves swirling in the wind – these are the things that you notice when you spend time outside.  Moving to our homestead was my way of making the outdoors a bigger part of my life.  In this blog you can find stories from our homestead, quick and delicious recipes my family loves, and inspiration to spend more time outside!


Here is a litle bit about me. I’m a mom. I taught my kids to read, and I read to my kids all the time. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy helping with homework and finding delicious meals for my family to enjoy (that don’t take too long for me to prepare!) and laughing loudly.  I plan family vacations. I am the doctor for all runny noses, fevers and kids that just need some cheering up. I (apparently) have all the answers. And I love it when the kids all pile into my bed to snuggle and talk before bedtime.

I’m a teacher.  I tutor young kids with reading and math. I’ve coached Science Olympiad and First Lego League teams, developed a chemistry club and a math club at the elementary school I worked in for 6 years. Seeing a child wave excitedly at you when they pass you in the hallway is a blessing.

I’m a scientist, an animal enthusiast, a person who loves long hikes in National Parks, a professional tick remover.  I feel a connection with the earth.  I like to walk barefoot in the grass, listen to the sound of water running in the creeks and rivers, and feel the sun on my face.

I hope to have cows roaming in my backyard one day!


Much of my day is spent outdoors, either working in the yard, playing with the dog, tending the horses, hiking — that I’m pretty much always a girl in boots.  Muck boots, rain boots, cowboy boots, hiking boots, and the occasional dress boot (thanks to my fashionable daughters who wouldn’t let me go without at least one good pair!).