• Animals

    The Pee Master

    Yes, we do have a pee master in our midst.  You might think I am referring to a mischievous young toddler who isn’t that precise in the bathroom, but no, our pee master is a cat.  She used to be such a sweet, affectionate kitty, but has now transformed into the dreaded pee master.  Let me tell you how it all began.  I didn’t like the litter we were using.  It was a clumping style litter but it smelled, and was a bit dusty when scooping.  My sister-in-law highly recommended using pine pellets.  She said her litter box never smelled bad and her cats loved it, AND it was easy to…

  • Spirit

    Daily Chess

    Moms, you know how over the years the board games just stop coming out of the bookshelf?  I think back to when my kids were little, and we played games ALL the time.  Sometimes, one too many rounds of Candyland :).  But, now I miss it.  Family game night has faded out as my kids grew up and got replaced by laptops and emails and movies.  I miss it, and I miss the bonding that occurs when I’m sitting around a game with my kids.  So I decided to do something about it.  I dusted off our chess set and set it up on the kitchen table.  And when my…

  • Food Love,  Spirit

    Hiding in the Pantry

    The funniest thing happened last night at my sister’s house.  My 9 year old niece calls out, “Hey, he is hiding in the pantry again!” I turn to see what she is talking about, and there, sheepishly, is my 3 year old nephew peeking his head out of the pantry.  My sister admitted that he does like to sneak into the pantry and eat things that he knows he is not supposed to.  “What! He is just like me!” I exclaimed.  She burst into laughter! It’s true.  Sometimes I stop in at my sister’s house if I have some time to kill before school pick-up time.  She lives near the…

  • Animals,  Hiking

    Muddy Me, Clean Dog

    Another beautiful morning hike, but boy was it MUDDY outside today.  Some portions of the trail were like a new and improved slip-n-slide!  But, the one thing I just don’t understand — HOW DOES SHE STAY SO CLEAN??  I mean, take a closer look at that sloppy trail… My pants and shoes have collected more mud than her little legs! Not that I’m complaining or anything, I’m super lucky.

  • Food Love

    Zucchini Tofu Tartine

    This is a delightfully quick and delicious lunch!  Seriously, it takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish and the kids LOVE it too.  The key here is not to be picky – just take out whatever vegetable you have in your fridge.  I’ve done this with eggplant, tomato, or red pepper instead of zucchini and it’s all good.  I just take a couple of slices of tofu, and sliced zucchini and throw them on to my griddle.  Spray them with olive oil and generously add turmeric and pepper to the tofu.  I use the Bragg’s Organic Sprinkle Seasoning on the vegetable slices.  While you are at it, might…